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Finding the Answers Within Us

I became a health coach because I care deeply about helping others navigate the process of personal growth and change. Many times, we know we need a change, or we know we want to change, but the process is hard, so we let it go and fall back into familiar habits and patterns. What I have learned […]

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Do You Know Your Own Strength?

If you are like most people who come to a health coach, your primary thought is on what you would like to change about your health. Naturally, this is most often the case, because the role of the health coach is to facilitate and partner with you to create positive change. But it is important […]

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Cultivating a New Response

When I ask people the first question of health coaching, What change would you like to make?, most people have some ideas of what they are hoping to create as their new health outcome, but they often  don’t know how to get there. In order to create new behaviors that will help you reach your health goals, […]

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What Coaching Is Not

What Coaching is Not

There is a difference between coaching and counseling, therapy, and advising. Coaching is a structured interaction in which the conversation focuses around the client and moves toward creating achievable, measurable outcomes. The coach is supportive, encouraging, and provides helpful resources while the client is the expert on their own choices and making the changes happen […]

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