Client Testimonials

From an Individual Contributor:

“After ten months of coaching sessions with Suzannah, I’ve developed greater self- awareness, a deeper understanding of my values and motivations, and a clear vision of how to achieve my goals while taking care of mind, body, and spirit along the way. Our sessions offered dedicated time each week for reflection, exploration, and accountability which, combined with Suzannah’s guidance and affirmation, brought about substantive personal and professional growth. Suzannah’s experience with the creative process also makes her coaching uniquely supportive for artists and creative thinkers. I cannot recommend Suzannah highly enough to anyone looking to engage in professional coaching with a truly gifted guide.” - Sally Zieper


From a Director:

“Suzannah was my coach for a six-month program offered by my employer. Beginning with the first session, Suzannah’s approach was professional and caring. She thoughtfully guided me through discussions that covered a wide variety of topics that were important to me. Through her questions, active listening, insights, and tools, we identified situations that I approached in new ways leveraging new tools Suzannah shared with me. The tools and coaching allowed me to arrive at solutions that were realistic and could be applied immediately. Suzannah approach to coaching was to challenge my thinking in a thoughtful way that allowed me to arrive at fresh solutions that will continue to be a part of my leadership toolkit. Thank you, Susannah, it was my pleasure!” - Julie Mullins Director, Learning and Development


From a Manager:

“Having never had a coach before I was not sure what to expect. Suzannah takes you down a slow and purposeful path that leads you to really look at how/why you respond to things and how taking a step back and viewing things from a different angle can make all the difference. Suzannah provided me with a new approach and way of thinking towards workflow and challenges. There are a few things that stood out for me, one was that I had to the power to make choices, even though at the time I felt like I was powerless, I was not. Second was that after feeling frustrated with how an event went, to do a thought log. This opened my eyes to alternate paths forward that I had not seen before. Most notably, look for the positive outcomes even if you can’t see them right away, they are there. Our focus shifted during the 6-month engagement as my situation and needs changed. Fortunately for me, a huge change disruption happened during my coaching time and allowed Suzannah to help walk me through how to focus on my resilience and provided tools to get me more successfully to adapt to my new environment. No matter what you experience or comfort level there is always something new to discover that will allow you to grow as a leader if you enter with an open mind.” - Jenine Price