Health & Wellness Coaching

Are you struggling to make healthy behavior changes in your life?

 As a coach, I offer support and accountability by working in partnership with you to clarify goals, focus on strengths and formulate actionable steps to achieve and maintain desired results.

Together we identify and leverage your strengths to promote health and wellness change based on YOU…your motivations, your strengths, your desired outcomes.

How does coaching work over the phone?

It works very well! Many people have found the most effective and efficient way to deliver health and wellness coaching is by telephone. Telephone coaching allows you to be in any location and access the coach on a scheduled basis without additional drive time, parking fees or navigation. Many people also report there is greater honesty and candor in coaching conversations over the phone.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Health & wellness coaching with a Nurse Coach is not therapy.

Both counseling and coaching can be beneficial, depending on the situation and the degree of emotional/psychological distress involved. In general, psychological counseling or therapy helps clients to recover from their past wounds towards freedom from psychological pain. Progress tends to be slower, as the client is dealing with issues that are often subconscious and complicated.

Coaching helps clients learn new skills to reach a future goal. It focuses on hope and resilience, and is goal-oriented towards healthy behavior change. Growth and progress tend to be more rapid and enjoyable.

If you are ready to take a first step toward healthy changes in your life.

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