Message of Gratitude for Suzannah’s Guided Imagery

As I recently listened to my guided imagery meditation soundtrack produced for me by Suzannah Sabin, I was reminded of the generous gift this was from Suzannah to me in a time of need. She and I had several significant conversations about how I was feeling about my upcoming stem cell transplant in August of 2017 as a critical part of my treatments for my multiple myeloma bone marrow cancer. In order for Suzannah to write and record my guided visualization, we discussed many of my fears regarding my stem cell transplant and hopes that it would be successful. And then, using many of my own words, expressed through her beautiful voice and sensitive narration, Suzannah produced an amazing guided imagery meditation that helped me through many hours of healing, to prepare for my stem cell transplant, to endure the procedure, and to grow stronger day by day for months after my stem cell transplant.

I hope Suzannah will consider creating a similar guided visualization for another seriously ill person. Her caring and generous spirit, enhanced by her soothing voice and nursing experience, provides Suzannah a unique gift that I had the privilege of receiving during my time of need. I am not aware of anyone else creating anything this personalized to help individuals through their specific illnesses with their own uniquely healing guided imagery soundtrack.

Thank you once again, Suzannah, from the bottom of my heart. ~ Ken

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