Nurses and Self Care

For many nurses, every work day includes providing care for people who are suffering, fearful and in pain. Where do nurses find support, find care for themselves, and find relief? How does a nurse develop the strength and resilience to maintain a career in professional nursing?

An important aspect of health care reform involves supporting nurses as they address their own self-care, self-development, and promoting the health and wellbeing of this largest segment of healthcare professionals.

One way to enhance the health and wellness of nurses is through the Integrative Nurse Coach model.   When a nurse engages in the process of learning the Integrative Nurse Coaching model …the nurse becomes the model of wellness, strength, and resilience.

By learning the modalities used in the field of coaching and by combining the “practices of self-care, intentionality, presence, mindfulness and therapeutic use of self” (American Holistic Nurses Association/American Nurse Association, 2007, p.1) that are used in Holistic Nursing, a nurse can experience the excitement of their valuable role in creating a productive and relationship-centered approach to care, of both self AND patient.

Through adding coaching skills to their professional expertise, a nurse can reaffirm and reclaim the role of patient support and advocacy, thereby enhancing job satisfaction and positive patient outcomes.   Nurse Coaching is a revolutionary, inside-out approach to the supporting nurses and delivering quality care.