Small Group Support for Nurses

Princeton Integrative Coaching  can create small group support at your hospital or clinic.

  • “Nursing” for the Nurses…  A human caring approach
  • Peer coaching groups for nurses
  • Reawakening and reconnecting in Nurses the inspiration and roots of professional nursing
  • Visioning- Linking the past and the future for successful transitions in the transformation of health care
  • Holistic modalities and principles of self-care: to support the Nurse in all areas of body, emotion, mind, spirit and environment. 

Keep informed and connected with the Nurse Coach community.

Integrative Nurse Coach Programs open the door to exciting and creative career opportunities. Reinvigorate your career by bringing meaning and purpose to your personal and professional lives by learning the competencies of Nurse Coaching. Build upon your natural capacities and skills by becoming a Nurse Coach

Reclaim your sense of purpose in both the Art and the Science of professional nursing. Become an integral part of creating positive change in an emerging healthcare model that focuses on prevention and wellness promotion. Strengthen your personal capacity of self-care and healing.

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